Welcome to Purradise


A place for the enjoyment of cats

We're Open! 

We've missed you! A lot!



What is a Cat Café?

Hint: It's pretty wonderful.

Cat cafés  provide a magical place for cats and people to enjoy each other’s company.


At The Cat Café South Beach we help local, adoptable cats find homes. We support the city’s ongoing cat rescue efforts; and provide South Beach residents and visitors with something special to do..

What's  Involved

Your Enjoyment


Purradise is a comfortable space designed for cats and humans. You can come  for a quick cuddle or stay longer for a Purrlates stretch class.


adopt, volunteer, learn 
Residents are all adoptable and come from our local partner rescue organization. 

Volunteer  and learning opportunities abound. Send a message and ask how you can help.

The Café Purrcolate

Enjoy a delectable selection of specialty sweet and savory snacks. All go well with our carefully crafted coffee, teas and fresh-squeezed OJ.


Not a cat lover? Allergic?  That's okay. You can still watch the cats from the big picture windows - or ignore them completely and focus on work - WiFi is speedy and free.

Food & Beverage is suspended -  for now.
We'll resume when it's safer.
We promise


Oh yeah.  And there's shopping too.

Loads of adorable things

for humans and felines.

Reopened March 21, 2021

We just may have 9 lives too!

1423 Washington Ave 

Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

"Time spent with cats is never wasted."


Please help meowt

Feline residents are here! 

If you'd like to help,

here's how:

Visit - reserve now. Meet the

locals in  purrson!

Donate - your contribution will help keep a roof over their fuzzy heads. The cats like Venmo @thecatcafesouthbeach

 Volunteer-prove your feline devotion! 

We have a wish list for basic supplies and extras on Amazon.