Do You Have Wheelchair Access?

All areas inside the Cat Cafe, including Purradise, are wheelchair accessible.


Where Can We Park?

If you're feeling lucky, try and snag a spot right in front. All street parking is metered. Don't get towed! The City of Miami Beach has nearby parking garages on 15th Street & Washington Ave. and 13th St.& Collins Ave.

 We're easy walking distance from Española Way and Lincoln Road too.


What If I'm Late For My Booking?

Ah “Miami Time”... sigh ... We understand that things happen. We allow a grace period of 15 minutes. After that, we’ll give your slot  to someone who's been waiting hopefully. If there's still space when you finally make it, come on in! We just can't  give you extra time to make up for your loss.


Can I Reschedule My Booking?

Yes of course - kindly reschedule within 48 hours of your booking and your reservation will be changed.


May I Get A Refund If I Don't Turn Up?

Nope. We don’t offer refunds for no shows, but you're welcome to reschedule a visit if you give us 48 hours notice. Fun with Humanstm activities including Purr-lattes Stretch like a Cattm are irreplaceable though. Sadly, if you no-showed for an event, we cannot refund or reschedule.


Will I Receive Paper Tickets In The Mail, Or Do I Have To Print Them To Enter?

Neither. A screenshot of your confirmation email with the date and time showing is purrfect.


Do You Allow Walk-in Visitors?

Yes of course -  when available. Space for humans is limited and time slots fill up often, so please book in advance to avoid crushing disappointment. Reserve here.


Why Do You Have A Minimum Donation for Entry ?

This donation is what pays for the care and feeding of our cats and keeps a roof over their fuzzy heads. The Cat Café South Beach is a Social Enterprise. We are Purr-pose driven. Not profit driven.

Legaleeze Is Off-Putting to Me. Why Do I Have To Sign A Waiver?

We get it. But this is important for all kinds of reasons. You must sign a waiver before you enter Purradise. This release just explains that sometimes cats cause accidents – and that you agree to the  Rules of Catiquette and take responsibility for what might happen when you handle cats. If you’re under 17, your parent or guardian has to sign the waiver on your behalf. Once signed, we keep your waiver on file, so it’s only a one-time thing.


Is it Possible To Book Purradise For A Special Event?

Yes! We’d love to talk with you about your plans. The Cat Café South Beach is a purrfect venue for small events. We have to check with the cats though. Here’s the thing: when more than 5  people who know each other get together, they can be noisy. Cats like peaceful environments. If your group is chill and everyone is at least 12 years old, we should talk!


Do You Allow Children?

Yes! We like little humans. Affection and respect for good catiquette should start early. 

For the safety and well-being of humans and felines,small humans must be at least 6 years old to enter Purradise. Small humans under 11 years must be accompanied by an adult human. All humans must follow the rules of Catiquette.

 By law, humans under 18 who intend to enter the cat area, must have a parent or guardian  sign the  Release and Indemnification Agreement on their behalf . If  you are between 11 and 18 and your human parent or guardian will not be present, please bring a signed copy of the Release and Indemnification Agreement with a copy of the authorized human’s  ID.


My Cat Loves Coffee - Can I Bring My Own Cat?

No. Contrary to what you might think, a cat café is not the feline equivalent of a dog park. Cats aren’t pack animals like dogs are so interaction with newcomers is challenging. The residents at Purradise have been carefully socialized  and gradually introduced to other residents.  Your human friends are welcome though.


Where Do the Cats Come From?

The cats are all rescues from Miami Beach and come to us via the local rescue organization we support. -  a non-profit TNR organization that is working hard to help the community cats in South Beach.

We support their efforts by being a giant foster home for adoptable rescues, mustering a base of dedicated volunteers, and by raising awareness in  our local community.

Your Cat Logo Has A Weird Looking Ear. Is That A Design Flaw?

Excellent you noticed! The universal  signal to humans that a community cat has been spayed or neutered is a clipped left ear. This makes it easy to see from a distance whether a cat has been "done" already or not.  When a cat is trapped, neutered or spayed, the vet clips the ear while the cat is under anesthesia. At the Cat Cafe South Beach, some of our cats will sport this distinctive look. It’s a badge of honor for adopting guardians too. We're working hard to make this look de rigueur  for Miami Beach community cats. Learn more about TNR here.


How Many Cats Will Be In Purradise?

We  have about 20 cats  in residence. All residents are adoptable and evaluated for good behavior, have a clean bill of health, and like humans - a lot! They'll make perfect companions for the right guardians.


Are The Cats Available For Adoption Spayed/Neutered Already?

All cats are spayed and neutered. All have been tested and vaccinated. All cats  have microchips. All cats get flea preventatives monthly. Interested in adopting? Let's have a conversation

Can I Volunteer For Purradise?

Yes!  We are  always looking for volunteers to help us at events, to foster cats, during TNR operations, with neighborhood cat community scouting missions, and on sanitation patrols (read: scooping poop) in Purradise! There is something for everyone!  Interested? Apply here


Are Same Day Adoptions Possible?

Let's talk about this. The ASPCA and The Humane Society have established new best practices for adoptions to make it easy and pleasant .  So we have too.

That said, adopting a cat is nothing to rush into. If you’re thinking about adopting a cat, we suggest you have a look at a sample questionnaire and then let's have a conversation.


What If A Cat Doesn’t Want To Hang Out With Humans?

Cats can be moody. We respect that. The cats can leave Purradise anytime they’ve “had enough”  and retreat to their private sanctuary away from the public and the other cats. You’ll also notice that we’ve built walkways and perches high above the madding crowd. The cats are in charge here. They decide whether to be sociable or not.

Interested in learning more about cats? Send us a message. 


What If A Cat Scratches Me?

Expert veterinary and cat behavior specialists have hand picked only the most friendly and even-tempered cats to live in Purradise. A vet tech comes by regularly to do kitty manicures and trim pointy claws. But cats are cats (we keep saying this) and sometimes they get carried away in play or become offended for some mysterious reason. You signed a waiver saying you understand this, remember? In the unlikely event that a cat accidentally scratches you, we have a selection of band aids and antiseptic onsite.


What Is The Best Time To Visit The Cats?

That depends on your mood. Cats can sleep for around 16 hours a day. Many (but not all) of our resident cats nap in the afternoon. Some even prefer to nap on human laps. Being around snoozing kitties is so relaxing! If you agree, the afternoon is a supurrb time to visit. If you prefer zany - we recommend booking the first session or last two time slots  in the evening.

Are You Hiring?

Check our “opportunities” section in the blog and on our FaceBook page. We list volunteer, internship, and job opportunities. If you’d think working with ( read: "for" )  cats is purrfection tell us why and send your resume to

How Can I Help Rescue Cats?

You can donate to the local TNR organization directly, volunteer,foster,or foster a cat. Please cal (305) 397 8024.



Still Have Questions? Email us at and we'll answer quickly and as best we can - as soon as the cats get off our keyboards that is.