Cat-iquette: Cats Rule!

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Your Visit

We want you to have a purrfect time when you come visit The Cat Café South Beach. It may be called “Purradise” and our cats are delightful but they’re no angels. Cats will always be cats. We can’t control everything they do. While following the rules limits devilish behavior, the Cat Café South Beach is not liable for things that may result from interacting with a cat - say, for example, a kitty decides you are a giant squeaky toy...

In order to provide the best experience for humans and felines, we ask you to kindly observe the following rules:

Before Anything - Sign the Release _ Copies of the Adult Waiver and Minor Release must be signed before entering the Cat Purradise and to attend any event or class. Copies are also available at the Cafe to sign when you come in.

  • Humans 18 or older sign their own Release and Indemnification Agreement .

  • Humans under 18 who intend to enter the cat area, must have a parent or guardian sign the Release and Indemnification Agreement on their behalf. If the human’s parent or guardian is not present , kindly bring a signed copy of the Release and Indemnification Agreement with a copy of the authorized human’s ID.

  • Humans under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult human or guardian.

Inside Purradise

  • Cats are clean by nature. So please follow suit and sanitize your hands before entering Purradise and before you leave.

  • Slip the disposable sanitary booties over your shoes.

  • Use Your Inside Voices. Cats have very sensitive hearing, so please speak quietly in Purradise, silence your cell phones, and if you must take a phone call please speak softly.

  • Let the cats come to you. Cats love to chase, but they don’t like to be chased.

  • Take a zillion pictures - but no flash please! It hurts the cat’s eyes. Can we see too? Please? Tag us with #catcafesobe or share your pics via @catcafesobe

Interacting with the Cats

  • Never pull on a cat’s tail or any part of a cat’s body. Notice body language - ears back means “Leave Me Alone” !

  • Be careful when picking up a cat – most cats don’t like that much. Be forewarned! When in doubt ask a staff member.

  • Let sleeping cats lie. Cats love to nap. In fact, cats naturally sleep for 16 hours a day - or more. They may be sleepy during your visit. No one likes to be wakened from a good nap! Never, ever wake a sleeping cat! YOW!

  • Climbing is for cats only.

  • We welcome young humans, but they must be actively supervised if they’re younger than 11 years old. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their little humans are playing with the cats responsibly.

Enjoy your own sips and nibbles but PLEASE don’t share your treats with the cats.

  • Just don't. We give our cats special diets to keep them healthy and human food may cause stomach upset.

Humans who are unable to comply with the rules will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund. End of conversation.

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