How to Become a Resident of Purradise

Welcome to Purradise

An Overview for Cats

  1. Be a native of Miami Beach. Preference is given to “rescues”

  2. Have the endorsement of Saving Sage Rescue

  3. Demonstrate social potential with cats and humans. Just potential.

  4. Be spayed or neutered - ear tipping strongly admired

  5. Core vaccines are current: feline panleukopenia (distemper), feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, and rabies. See attached document for more.

  6. Have a microchip with up-to date information and linked to Saving Sage Rescue

  7. Flea prevention meds up to date

  8. Receive one calming acupuncture session prior to arrival (optional)

  9. Present Health Certificate from an accredited veterinarian. Note: Cats with disabilities or special needs are not discriminated against as long as those disabilities can be reasonably managed by a human and the disability is not a contagious disease.

  10. Beauty is not a guarantee of residency nor are family or political “connections”

  11. Purradise does not discriminate against fur color

  12. Understand that Purradise is a gateway to finding human guardians and a permanent home of your own. No pressure though. There is no deadline for this.

  13. Don’t panic if your adoption doesn’t work out. You may return to Purradise - no restrictions.No judgements. Questions will be asked kindly only to understand what went wong.

New Residents:

  • Upon arrival to Purradise you will check in with your name, medical records and microchip information.You will submit to a full body scan with a Wood’s light to check for fungal spores.

  • At first, you will come to Mary’s Room, a private cat retreat, and have your own safe, quiet place to get your bearings.You can be high up (okay, just 4’) or lower to the floor depending on your preference. We don’t have doors on our quiet cubbies so you may come and go as you like.

  • When you feel up to it, you will be encouraged to explore Purradise on your own or with your ownfeline cat nanny. Take your time. Spend as much or as little time as you like.

  • Litter boxes are abundant. Take your pick. Know that you will never feel trapped in a litter area. There are always two exits.

  • Meal times are scheduled twice a day, but there is always a bowl of kibble in case your the kind of cat that prefers to graze.. Growing kittens are fed up to 5 times a day. On occasion you may expect small healthy treats will be plentiful. And there will be catnip and valerian!

  • Water stations and bowls are also plentiful and placed conveniently thruout Purradise and Mary’s Room. Be sure to check out the fun water fountains.

  • You will pose for a headshot (not your backside please!) when you feel comfortable in your new surroundings.

  • You will spend time with a feline biographer who will have researched your backstory and who will write a compelling bio on your behalf.

  • If you feel sick or have the sniffles we will take you to a quiet foster place until you’re feeling better and our official house vet says you can come back.

  • You will be treated with a parasite preventative monthly.

  • Your nails will be trimmed regularly.

  • Humans will try to brush your teeth regularly.

  • If you behave badly and become aggressive with a human or a fellow resident, you will return to a private space in Mary’s Room to reflect on your actions and regain your composure. We will work with you to understand why you lost your composure and determine if there is a solution. We understand that life in Purradise is not for every cat. We are responsible for your well being. If you seem likely to be miserable in Purradise, we made a mistake. It’s not you. We’ll find a solution but you will never be put to sleep, sent to a facility, or turned back on to the street.


We want you to have a clean, healthy environment too. Cleaning and sanitation are top priorities at Purradise. We know cats are fastidious. Humans can be messy. You will like knowing these things:

  • All humans must wash, then sanitize their hands. It is a two step process.

  • All humans must wear masks.

  • All humans will wear clean shoe covers in Purradise and Mary’s Room.

  • Besides shoe covers, volunteers will wear clean t-shirts and aprons in Purradise. If a volunteer has been tending to community cats (kudos to these heroes!) before coming to Purradise, they will take extra precautions.

  • Human volunteers will scoop constantly and use litter that clumps and slides. You will never have to use a dirty, smelly litter box.

  • Bedding is washed daily. We have a large capacity washer and dryer. Care was taken to purchase models that are quiet.

  • All food dishes will be hand washed, sanitized, and air dried on racks after meal times.There is no dishwashing machine.

  • All water dishes will be cleaned daily and refreshed regularly throughout the day.

  • Mary’s Room and Purradise will be vacuumed in morning and at night. We selected a model that is not scary-loud and is top rated for pet hair removal. During the night we hope you enjoy the Roomba that will be regularly making rounds in Purradise.

  • All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized in between visits from humans and again after we close.

  • One day a week is reserved for deep cleaning of Mary’s Room and Purradise. It is a longer more detailed process. One area will be cleaned at a time. You will be invited to Mary’s Room while Purradise is being cleaned and vice versa.

  • All cleaning and sanitation products are effective for maximum removal of pathogens and are safe for cats. Every surface will be cleaned with a product that is appropriate for the type of surface it is.. Cleaning products will not have scents that are offensive to cats. We know you hate citrus smells.

  • Mary’s Room and Purradise have a special air conditioning system that removes pathogens and pumps in clean air constantly.

  • We use light bulbs that imitate sunlight in Purradise and Mary’s Room. Not only will you look your best in pictures but these lights provide a tiny amount of UV rays which may help you stay healthier and happier.

Safety and Peace of Mind

  • For night time, the street-facing picture window of Purradise has a blackout shade that will be pulled down so you will not be disturbed by humans peering in or banging on the glass.

  • The Cat Café South Beach has excellent locks, crime prevention lights outside and a video camera alarm system that is monitored remotely. You are safe.

  • In the case of an emergency - fire, hurricane, etc. - there is an effective evacuation plan in place. You will have your own private carrier should you need to leave in a hurry.

  • In Purradise no flash photography is allowed neither is the use of lasers. Your eyes are protected.

  • Humans must use their quiet voices at all times. Special care will be taken with groups of humans and children. No musical entertainment will be loud or offensive to cats.

  • You will not be dressed in costumes. Breakaway collars are still up for discussion.

  • You will not be wakened when sleeping, picked up if you don’t like it, or chased.

  • You will not be forced to interact with humans - ever.

And finally, the humans know you are a cat. They will try very hard not to anthropomorphise, but it’s difficult. This document is a good example of a major fail.


Welcome to Purradise! We hope you enjoy your stay!

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