A Brief History

Updated: Mar 5, 2021


Once upon a time, about a hundred years ago, there was a little town on an island called Miami Beach. And there were lots and lots of rats running around. An overpopulation of rats. Until one day when two brothers, both called John, brought home a big bag full of cats. Soon there were no more rats. The cats were happy and because that’s the way things go, soon the cats had kittens. And then those kittens had kittens. Soon there were lots and lots of cats running around. Too many cats. An overpopulation of cats. Until one day when a lady named Mary T. decided to help manage that situation. So she championed a program called TNR. Lots and lots of people helped. And nowadays, that is going very well. There are not so many kittens. But still, there are lots and lots of cats that need homes because they like humans more than living outside all the time. And that is another situation altogether.

All day, everyday, people worried about about finding homes for cats until one day when two brothers, not called John, decided to build a place for cats to live while they wait to be adopted.

The Cat Café South Beach is that place - a giant foster home for cats to live while they wait to be adopted and where people can go to enjoy the company of cats whether they want to adopt or not. The coffee is pretty fabulous too.

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