We've Re-Opened! (re-re-re opened)

Updated: Jun 6

Updated June 1, 2022.

The cats think it's meow-velous to have visitors again - and so do the humans who look after them! Please come visit. You'll feel better.

We take the well-being of felines and humans very seriously. We want you to feel and be safe when you come inside. Here’s what you should know and here's what we’re doing to help keep everyone safe and stop the spread:

There are no known instances of cats transmitting Covid19 to humans but the reverse is possible. Cats are susceptible to corona viruses in general. We can pass those viruses on to them.

Humans who feel even a little under the weather are encouraged to reschedule and come another time. Employees and volunteers who feel even the slightest bit unwell are not permitted inside. Everyone wears a mask when interacting with the feline residents.

We do health checks before every shift. Volunteers and employees are screened for symptoms and possible exposure. All volunteers and employees are fully vaccinated.

Space for visitors is limited. Purradise is naturally divided to facilitate 6’ social distancing.

We've always been very strict with our sanitation protocols and now we do even more!

Facial masks must be worn on the premises by all humans. We follow CDC recommendations for Miami-Dade County.

No food or beverage may be consumed in Purradise.

Hand sanitizer is dispensed at the entrance and available thruout .

All visitors must wash their hands.

Shoe covers are provided and must be worn.

All surfaces and high touch areas are disinfected after each visitor session.

We have Fresh Air! Our a/c extracts 100% of the inside air and pumps in fresh constantly

We’ve doubled down on the deep cleaning we already do - 2x day!

For now, limited beverage service is available in the café - including the best-ever-squeezed-before-your-eyes fresh, chilled orange juice!

Questions? Just ask. This is important . We’re happy to answer.

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